Focus on Teen Eating Disorders

Hello, friends. I am busy preparing for a family wedding and will continue with the next installment of our story in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I would love to direct you to the Help To Hope Facebook page. Just click on the link to head over and like the page.

For the remainder of the month of June, the Help To Hope page will focus on eating disorders in teens of both genders. There are many misconceptions about this topic, and there are also many brave teens and parents willing to share their stories of hope and recovery.

happy mom and teen

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Additionally, there are some great resources out there for parents who are wondering if their teen has an eating disorder, or just need some encouragement as they walk this road with their teen or young adult child.

Please join us on the Help To Hope Facebook page as we learn about this important and far-reaching issue. (There is also a link to the Facebook page on the homepage of my blog.)




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