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2 thoughts on “Contact & Copyright

  1. Hi Monica, I am touched by the stories here. A dear friend who works w/ NAMI gave me your card. A year ago, I lost my 32-year-old son to a drug overdose. However, he had talked about suicide many times when he was younger. Though his death at this point was a shock, I recognize he chose a “slow” suicide that consisted of drug abuse over many years until his body finally gave out. I now provide a free one-hour talk to parents and all adults that includes an exercise I created based on what neuroscience has proven regarding positive thinking habits that actually evolve the brain. I offer 4-hour workshops for adults and for teens at only $50 that instills this positive thought habit further, and also take them through The Passion test, which provides a way for people to create their best possible life. I would love if you could attend my free talk and find out what this is about. I am on a mission to save our youth and change the terrible prospects millennials face today, one person at a time. Please visit my website, to learn more, and click the Events tab to find upcoming talks. I hope you can connect me with those who need what I offer, and help us both in our similar missions. If you would like to receive my weekly eFlyer on upcoming talks and workshops, please drop me a line so I can add you to my list. Thank you Monica, and bless you for your work.

  2. Hi, Margie. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. You are still very fresh in the grief process, and I appreciate what you are doing in the wake of such recent upheaval. Yes, I heard about you and your work at a recent class I attended, and I’m happy to hear from you. I will check your website and I look forward to touching base with you.

    Take good care,


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